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about as useful as a hole in your head.

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Turkish men have the most useless and arbitrary jobs. Complete wastes of spaces. I mean I guess when your "job" is a complete joke, you are able to pray five times a day, drink as many cups of tea, and smoke as many cigarettes as your little heart may desire. Seriously though- fools get paid to guard public bathrooms, hose off buses, photocopy books, check ids, put shit through metal detectors, try to sell you bullshit off the street, try to proposition you off the street/ offer their services as personal tour guides, stand outside (fill-in-the-blank) business/ shop/ restaurant/ bus station and try to convince you to come inside, etc. I could go on for days. Basically if you are a Turkish man, most likely your job is a fucking joke, and you are not doing anything useful or productive with your time. Most likely you spend large quantities of time standing on the sidewalk, and even more likely, while your bored and unproductive ass is chilling there, you are staring at / harassing passerby. Is that really what denotes a devout Muslim? The men that have the time to hit up the mosque five times a day are the men who have nothing better to do with their lives. They literally kill time doing/ selling bullshit between prayer calls. At which time, they head over to the mosque, wash their feet, and holler at Allah. Which brings me to another important observation regarding Turkish males: they are not so fresh. Homeboys most certainly do not wear deodorant, much less bathe regularly. However, I am pretty sure that since they wash their feet five times a day, that negates the need to actually cop a shower. I mean duh, right? Who has time to shower when there is tea to be drunk, cigarettes to be smoked, and sidewalks to be patrolled??

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I wrote this on April 1, 2007, while I was in Turkey, and extreeeemely bitter about the attention I was receiving from the Turkish male population. I formed a very negative opinion of Turkish men due to the constant and incessant staring & harassment. With that said, many of the Turkish guys my age were fantastic. The ones I met at Bilkent, in BISC, and in general the ones who were college students or college graduates were great. The deadbeats patrolling the sidewalks and bazaars are the ones I am complaining about.

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